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KastingKafé is a European community platform designed to connect Talents (models, actors, extras,.) and Professionals (casting directors, photographers, make-up artist, ..) active in the Show Business sector. Our ambition is to facilitate and boost access to job offers and services in the Show business sector. You are a Talent KastingKafé is here to put you in touch with professionals of the sector and help you get a job. We address any type of profile, long live diversity! As soon as you register, you will be able to manage your profile, increase your visibility and find job offers that match your profile. You are a Professional KastingKafé gives you access to a large database of serious and motivated Talents and Professionals of the sector. All profiles and books are validated before publication. The diversity of our users will allow you to instantly find the person you need. Through our platform, you will be able to post Castings / Shootings as well as service offers and showcase your work. Our services Members only A professional platform An exhaustive database of Talents and Professionals from the world of showbiz. A Matching tool that directly links Talents with the needs of professionals A systematic control of the profiles and the books published online Available on different devices: internet, smartphones, tablets... KastingKafé is an initiative of Khapa Consulting sprl (BE0627.739.656), Avenue Sainte-Anne 50, 1640 Rhode Saint Genèse, Belgium




In case of any technical problem, contact maja@edgecommunication.be.